Uni­versity Pro­fessor - salary grade W3
TU Berlin
Charlottenburg, Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
vor 2 Tg.

Work ing field :

Research in the area of Elec tronic sys tems of med ical tech no logy, with emphasis on at least one of the fol low ing fields :

  • Applic a tion of sensor prin ciples and devel op ment of meas ur ing elec tron ics for the detec tion of physiolo gical vari ables.
  • Real-time ana lysis of (bio-)med ical sig nals such as elec tro car di o grams with mod ern meth ods of sig nal pro cessing, in par tic u lar involving the meth ods of arti fi cial neural net works and data sci ence
  • Bio-, Body, Vital-Sensor Net works - research and devel op ment of new patient mon it or ing sys tems and new archi tec tures in hard ware and soft ware that can be used in the home envir on ment, in med ical research labor at or ies (e.
  • g., sleep labs), or in the field of com pet it ive or fit ness sports.

  • Adapt a tion of elec tronic sys tems to gender dif fer ences
  • Model-based devel op ment of mixed-sig nal sys tems (hard ware and soft ware) for med ical applic a tions
  • Close cooper a tion with chairs in related fields, such as con trol sys tems, sensors, mixed sig nal cir cuit design, elec tronic meas ure ment and data sci ence is expec ted.

    The teach ing assign ment includes courses in Ger man and Eng lish on ana log and digital elec tron ics and micro pro cessor tech no logy in the Bach elor degree pro gram Elec trical Engin eer ing and Com puter Engin eer ing as well as advanced courses in the Mas ter degree.

    The col lab or a tion with non-uni versity research insti tutes work ing in the field of med ical tech no logy is an essen tial aspect of the chair's pro file.

    Accord ingly, exist ing col lab or a tions shall be strengthened and exten ded, in par tic u lar with Char ité (e.g., Depart ment of Anaes thesi ology and Intens ive Care, Inter dis cip lin ary Med ical Sleep Cen ter, Insti tute of Gender in Medi cine (GIM)).

    Require ments :

  • Can did ates should ful fil the require ments for appoint ment at the pro fessor level in com pli ance with 100 Ber lHG (Ber lin Higher Edu ca tion Act), includ ing a com pleted aca demic edu ca tion, qual i fied achieve ments in research (PhD), post-doc toral teach ing (Habil it a tion) or equi val ent sci entific qual i fic a tion (sci entific papers) as well as ped ago gical didactic qual i fic a tions, to be given proof of by a teach ing port fo lio (for more inform a tion see TUB web site, quick access no. 144242) .
  • proven expert ise and a solid pub lic a tion record in at least one of the above-men tioned tech nical fields as well as
  • teach ing exper i ence, com pet ence in the man age ment of a work ing group, pro ject Man age ment
  • Applic ants are reques ted to sub mit a first concept of the research and teach ing activ it ies envis aged with their applic a tion.
  • Exper i ence in the acquis i tion of external fund ing above aver age is desired.
  • The will ing ness to offer teach ing in Ger man as well as in Eng lish lan guage is also a pre requis ite. Very good Eng lish lan guage skills are required.
  • The will ing ness to learn Ger man is expec ted from Non-Ger man speak ing applic ants.

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